the pantry: DETROIT


The PANTRY is a 3,000 SF commercial space in our Sawtooth Building. It sits right on Core City Park, and serves as the engine room for our two restaurants - TAKOI and MAGNET. THE PANTRY is a studio (kitchen) and gallery (event space). Utilitarian, hard-working, direct, organized. Chef Brad Greenhill practices, teaches and preps for our restaurants here. THE PANTRY isn’t a restaurant, it’s literally Top Young’s pantry with seating for 50 that can be booked for events and private dinners. From time to time THE PANTRY also offers irreverent/unplanned food serving what it wants when it wants. The kitchen for the Pantry is 2,000 SF and the actual Pantry is 100% plywood - shelves and Donald Judd inspired tables and chairs. Beautiful, basic, utilitarian. Private dinners and events take place at THE PANTRY. The creative energy in the space can’t be denied. So much good food is prepped, discovered, and served in this space.


undecorated: Ish Rafiuddin


4884 Grand RIVER #1C, Detroit

ARCHITECT of record:



3,000 SF

TYPE: renovation

commercial, restaurant



renovation phase