This 13,500 SF building was built as a Wrigley's super market in the 1950s; it has been abandoned since the late 1990s. The character of the existing building is basic, utilitarian. Instead of simply renovating the strong structure with cosmetic surgery, Prince Concepts, with UNDECORATED Architects, decided to genetically engineer the 5K, and transform its DNA. The building will be converted into 8 apartments, 3 large commercial studio/work spaces, one tiny retail kiosk, and three beautifully landscaped introverted courtyards. To elaborate, to get light and wonderment into this flat, utilitarian structure sections of the roof will be removed, and interior courtyards will magically appear and serve as public space within the shell of the building. The remaining 17,000 SF of land on the site is sandwiched between the building and the Grand Trunk Rail-line, an operational train track which services freight transports. In addition to an extensive and thoughtful landscape program within the building's courtyards, this part portion of the property will also be transformed into lush gardens. This project will be completed and ready for rent in the Winter of 2020.


undecorated: Ish Rafiuddin


5000 Grand RIVER, Detroit

ARCHITECT of record:

Et Al, Detroit


30,000 SF site

13,500 SF built


Adaptive reuse

residential, rental


acquisition phase


renovation phase