On February 17th, 2017, after being open for just eleven months, KATOI was subjected to an act of ARSON, and was totally gone; enter TAKOI. During their first year in operation, KATOI was honored with numerous accolades including: Restaurant of the Year, Detroit Free Press12 Best New Restaurants in America, Thrillist; and was nominated as a semi-finalist for the James Beard "Best New Restaurant(National)" award in 2017. What was gone was GREAT, and Prince Concepts along with the KATOI team, and Ish Rafiuddin of UNDECORATED came together to create a Resurrected KATOI that was no longer the naive boy that met Detroit in 2016, but rather a man: scarred, matured, and humbled from it's previous rise and fall, but ready and eager to continue dazzling the natives of Detroit, and visitors from all over, alike. TAKOI opened in August of 2017, with an updated outdoor space, some enhanced dining room details, and a bar room annex for eating, drinking, and dancing.