Prince Concepts is a real estate development company.

We invest in ideas. The demands of our home base, Detroit, focus our work: the renovation and activation of derelict commercial properties, the construction of new, inspired, and accessible housing, and neighborhood amenities like parks and trees.

With every project we aim to provide a novel and superior product, or a comparable product for a lower cost; our best work does both.

Our philosophy is simple: develop what we like for a reasonable cost; be strong and stubborn with our vision, only after being extremely sensitive to the environment that informs and surrounds it. Art makes our work interesting, and science makes it real.

We experiment - with rigor and irreverence - within the disciplines of real estate, hospitality, architecture, and landscape architecture. We don’t build to build, we build to open minds and change the general consensus about environment.

We work with architects who employ design as a tool, not a feature; our common goal being an expressive product that has no precedent. It’s worth repeating: we invest in ideas.

Our results have been inspiring: projects that challenge consensus, but also benefit our residents and the surrounding community. Prince Concepts has received numerous accolades - at the highest levels - for our completed projects.

The company is also a majority shareholder in Top Young Hospitality, which is the parent company of TAKOI and MAGNET restaurants.