magnet: DETROIT


Prince Concepts purchased this building back in 2014 directly from the owners of the actual Magnet Radiator shop - a business that has roots in Detroit since 1917, and at this location since 1951. When we first entered the property, it looked as if the doors had been locked one night after work and no-one ever returned. A roll of fresh (but dusty) paper was still on the fax machine. A bar of soap was still in the bathroom. Another Detroit story - a business and building left to fend for itself. It didn’t matter, we knew the building was something special. Plans for Top Young Hospitality’s second restaurant began to take shape after TAKOI was completed, up and running. Chef Brad asked for a “bar focused” restaurant, along with Ish Rafiuddin, we put the bar smack dab in the middle of the space, sunk it (so all diners were seated at the same level), and seated 32 people around it. We simplified the design - kitchen and dining room - as much as possible. The simpler a project, the stronger the idea. When we began working on the building, the existing roof caved in. We started over. The result is a magnificent restaurant. A discovery. Simple, elemental, pure. The kitchen houses just two pieces of equipment, both wood powered - a grill and oven. Period. The design reflects this simplicity, and also features just two materials - tile and walnut. The result is a restaurant that helps you discover — a new neighborhood, harmony, and the beauty in simplicity.


undecorated: Ish Rafiuddin


4842 Grand RIVER, Detroit

ARCHITECT of record:



5,000 SF Site

2,100 SF BUILT

TYPE: renovation

commercial, restaurant



acquisition phase


renovation phase