Philip Kafka, President - Kafka has been exploring Detroit since 2012. Before purchasing property in Detroit, Kafka visited ten times over the span of a year. He spent his visits driving every inch of the city, working to understand it, and quickly realized Detroit is like no place else. After recognizing the creative opportunity that existed in Detroit, Kafka purchased Prince Concepts’ first building – 2520 Michigan Ave at 17th Street; the building was just a tiny bit off the beaten path, and very beaten up, but Kafka knew it could be something special. Today, the building is home to KATOI; Prince Concepts managed the design and development of the project, and Kafka remains a partner in the operation. Today, Prince Concepts owns and is activating approximately 50,000 SF of buildings, and 150,000 SF of land - all contiguous - in the Downtown Detroit area. Kafka grew up in Dallas, Texas, studied Philosophy at Northwestern University, and spent six years building a neighborhood-based billboard business in New York City that he eventually sold to LAMAR, the largest billboard company in the country.